2010 Criminal Minds Interview on 100th Episode (Video Trans)

Video translation of a 2010 interview on the 100th episode of Criminal Minds.

Q: 100 episodes, Criminal Minds..

AC: Yep

Q: Very exciting

AC: Very..

Q: Do you get emotional when you think about it?

AC: Well, we actually all just came from the table read for this episode, so I had to literally pull myself together, because it’s an intense episode, it’s an emotional episode.. Quite a few of us needed tissues at the end of the table read, so it’s something I think our regular viewers are really going to appreciate, and there’s a feeling of comraderie and teamwork, and coming together as one, which our fans are really going to like.

Q: Very cool.. can you talk a little about the episode, give us a tease as to what’s happening..?

AC: Someone dies.

Q: Someone we know?

AC: A couple people die, but someone you know very, very well dies.

Q: Oh no..

AC: It’s intense..

Q: Someone here?

AC: Someone here!

Q: Oh boy..

AC: Yes.

Q: I feel like a regular cast member now..

AC: How’s that for a tease?

Q: Uh-oh, wow.

AC: It’s intense, it’s an amazing episode, it’s really, really well-written.

Q: Is there anything coming up for JJ you want to tease to?

AC: What’s that?

Q: Anything coming up for your character you want to tease to?

AC: We’re actually gonna see Will and Henry again, her son and her.. her man. She’s modern woman, she’s not married. So yeah, that’ll be fun, and a little tidbit for the people that care.. My son, Mekhai, is actually gonna be playing Henry, my fake son.

Q: Awesome!

AC: Yeah, he’s gonna be in the 100th episode so I thought that was gonna be really cool. It’ll be fun for him to have (?).

Q: I love that, that’s so cool, very nice.

AC: I hope he does okay.. *laughs*

Q: It’s a family affair

AC: It is, it really is. It’s a total.. it’s a family here. We’re so lucky to have Ed Bernero kindof steering the ship and I love coming to work.

Q: Yeah, it seems like you guys like eachother.

AC: Good, so we’re.. we’re trickin’ everyone!

Q: You’re very good actors.

AC: Yes, we are… No, no, we really do, and we really care for eachother, and I think it shows on-screen.

Q: Absolutely. Well, congratulations.

AC: Thank you!

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