2006 Criminal Minds interview (Video Trans)

Video translation of a 2006 Criminal Minds interview, with AJ talking about JJ and the show.

AC: I play Special Agent Jennifer Jareau, otherwise known as JJ. She’s the unit liasion so she’s a special agent, but, she doesnt get a gun. So, she’s the go-between for the press, so anytime there needs to be a press conference, or a story gets out, she’s the one that kinda deals with all of that. And she also takes in files from outside police agencies and she’s the one that goes through them and organizes them, and puts them on, you know, Elle’s desk or Gideon’s desk, because they all have their specialties. So she’s kindof the den mother, in a way too, makes sure everyone stays on track.

She’s high energy and she’s quite the character, which is what I think they wanted, because it’s such a serious show and there’s alot of dark stuff going on and Jennifer’s kindof a splash of color every once in a while.

She’s got alot of energy, but I think alot of it is upfront. I mean, she does have to put on that happy face and keep everyone going. But, you know, she’s human too, so, I mean, the stuff she deals with… serial killers, and these horrible stories all the time and it does take a toll on her because she’s human. So I think it’s interesting the way she constantly has to be happy and keep the team going, but on the inside there’s, you know, she’s got stuff that she’s dealing with as well.

I think JJ is a little bit of an outsider, because she’s not part of the five that go, and they toss the ball to one another, like trying to come up with ideas. She feels a little bit of an outsider that way because she’s not in the middle of all that, but at the same time she’s on the plane with them when they fly to, you know, these different areas to investigate. So, you know, I think she feels a little bit of an outsider because she doesnt 100% deal with them all the time.

When she walks into a room, she makes her presence known. She’s like a tornado, and I think there’s alot of fun there. There’s kindof like a brother-sister relationship.. As far as her relationship with Gideon, I think that she really looks up to Gideon and respects him, and I think, you know, not to speak for him because who knows what he’s thinking…but JJ likes to think that she’s kindof a daughter to him, like, looks out for her, and so.. and who knows, there might be romance in the future with some of the other characters.. who knows?

There’s gotta be a moral to the story. Yeah, I think there is, because we deal alot with the psyche of people and getting into the minds of people.. you know, that says something. People are going to watch and be like, ‘that’s interesting.. that’s interesting that they think things that way, and, you know, maybe I think like that sometimes.’ You know, not saying you’re a serial killer or anything but..!

It’s not your typical forensic, you know, this is how it happened.. It’s not like that, it gets into the minds of people, and I dont think there really has been any shows quite like that, so that’s what was interesting to me that it takes a whole new approach to the whole crime scene investigation show. So, like I said, I’m real interested by psychology.

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