2010 Interview With Larry Himmel (Video Trans)

Video translation of a 2010 interview with Larry Himmel.

AC: Welcome to the BAU

LH: Where’s your space?

AC: I have my own office, it’s just right around the corner there..

LH: Ah, I gotcha.

AC: Yes..

LH: Does it have a window and everything?

AC: No window, no, it’s kindof in the dungeon parts of the BAU. *laughs* Well, I have a window out to the hallway.. Not a window view..

LH: Listen, this is kindof life imitating art because on the show, when the press comes in looking for answers, you’re out there talkin’ to ‘em.

AC: Yeah, yeah, I hope you’re not lookin’ for answers in real life ’cause I don’t have ‘em.

LH: *laughs* Yeah, but you can say the same thing.. ‘at this time, we have very little information, so please report to Reid, and then I will answer questions later..’

AC: Yes.. I will answer questions without giving any answers to any questions whatsoever. That’s what JJ does.

LH: *laughs* Yeah, well, double talk the press..

AC: Yeah.

LH: But on the show, when you’re in here and the press is demanding answers and they send ya out as the flat, and you’ve got kinda the flat, right?

AC: Yeah, you know, it’s just part of the job. It’s what we gotta do.

LH: This is a wonderful team, this is a wonderful ensemble together, but dealing with some really, rather, heavy subjects.

AC: Mm-hmm, yeah, to say the least..

LH: So you go from.. I see everyone light on the set and everybody’s groovin’ and tell jokes.. and, how do you then get that focus to say, ‘oh, something heinous and horrible has just happened.’

AC: I think we do that purposefully. We are… Because it’s so dark and the subject matter is a little difficult, we go out of our way to laugh and have fun on set, otherwise..Could you imagine this place, if we didn’t? It’d be horrible! It’d be the worst place to come to work, so we like to laugh and keep things light.. But then as an actor, you kinda have to make that switch and be like ‘oh, okay, alright.. uh, we’re talking about people that were sexually assaulted..’ and, you know, you just kinda make that switch, and.. it’s season 5 now, so it’s a pretty well-oiled machine and.. yeah..

LH: How bout that..

AC: But still, I still get effected everytime I read the script first time..It’s like seriously, seriously, we have to go there? Okay.. yeah..

LH: It’s kinda real life when it happens.. well, you’re doing an awesome job

AC: Thank you so much

LH: I appreciate you taking the time

AC: Thank you.. Beach rules!

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