Visian ICL Story (Video Trans)

Video translation of AJ speaking about Visian ICL.

AC: I’m A.J. Cook, and I am on the CBS show ‘Criminal Minds’, so I’m an actress. I started wearing contacts in the 6th grade, like contacts. Started wearing glasses in the 2nd grade. There’s alot of, you know, scars that have come along throughout my life, with having to wear glasses, and especially with having to wear glasses at such a young age. And I was a dancer too, so it was always problematic having to wear glasses, um, and trying to dance on stage. Everytime I put my glasses on, I automatically referred back to that little girl who got made fun of. I was at rock bottom as far as my eyesight went.. I would get really kindof distorted vision at night. I’d get the halos around the lights and it would be difficult driving at night and I would try to avoid it as much as possible, but when I’m working late there’s no way to kindof get around it.

There’s always the what-if, what if something.. what if this doesnt work.. I had heard of the procedure previously.. I think I caught a news story about this. It’s where Lasic was, you know, 10 years ago. Not everyone had heard of it, to think that you could put something in your eye that would fix it, and if for some reason your vision drastically changed, you could go in there, take it out and put a new one in. I hope and I think the future for ICL will be the new Lasic.

The surgery experience was the easiest surgery experience I have ever had. It was a piece of cake. My eye doctor telling me that I had a bionic right eye, because I was already seeing better than 20/20 in my right eye, the day after the procedure.. It exceeded my expectations, because I do have perfect vision now.

Visian ICL has completely changed everything, in a way you’re seeing life through different eyes literally. Now that I do have the Visian ICL implant, there’s alot of things that I can do, like wake up in the morning and I can see, I can see properly at night now, and I never knew what that was like.

My advice to people struggling with bad eyesight is.. get it done. Because it will change your life. I have taken it upon myself to feel like I must tell the world about this procedure, just because it has changed my life so much.

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