2007 Interview-A.J. Cook Keeps Low Profile (Video Trans)

Video translation of 2007 interview.

VA: I’m here with Andrea Cook, star of Criminal Minds..

AC: Andrea Cook.. *laughs*

VA: Andrea Joy Cook, A.J. Cook.. AKA..

AC: AKA, I know, I’ve got like, 5 million names.


AC: *laughs*

VA: The show has been a rating (?), in the past few months. It’s really kickin’ off. Do your and your cast members ever follow the ratings, do you care about that? I mean, how does that effect the morale?

AC: Well, yeah, we always find out the word’s always.. travels around set, how the show did on Wednesday. But we always do really well and it’s pretty amazing, because we’ve always, from day one, we’ve always been up against a monster. First season, it was Lost, back when Lost was the number one show, and we took them down!

..I very rarely leave my 5 mile radius. I don’t go out to the Hollywood clubs or anything like that, it’s just not my scene.

VA: I was just gonna ask you that, with such a high profile on the show, you’ve managed to maintain such a normal life..

AC: Oh, I go out of my way to make sure I maintain a normal life. I have absolutely no desire, NO desire, to become famous or any of that stuff. I’ve never had a publicist, I just, you know, I’ve just always gone out of my way to remain annoymous.

..I just want people to know.. I just want Canadians to know that I’m a proud Canadian and I love it here and my family’s here and I’ll always, always love Canada.

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