A.J. Makes an Initial Impression

A.J. Cook plays a character on Criminal Minds who is known to her colleagues as J.J., which is short for Jennifer Jareau.

So what, does Cook have some sort of weird obsession with initials?

“I keep joking that the writers didn’t want to confuse the blond, so they kept it real simple,” Cook said.

“I only need to worry about two letters.

“The whole thing has turned into a big joke. Everyone on set, all the crew, they call me A.J.J.J.”

The A.J. stands for Andrea Joy.

“I instantly know how someone knows me by what they call me,” Cook said. “If someone calls me A.J., I know I’ve met them through acting. My mother calls me Andrea. The rest of my family, and my close friends, they all call me Dre.

“And Mandy (Patinkin, Criminal Minds co-star) calls me Andrea. So I call him Mandel, which is his real name.”


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