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Latest News • Criminal Minds’ A.J. Cook Gives Birth To a Baby Boy
Welcome to For the Love of AJ Cook, the largest running and longest website supporting actress AJ Cook. We've been on the web since 2001. Known for many roles through out the years, she's currently part of the cast of Criminal Minds on CBS. Keep checking for the photos, news and more about AJ.

There’s a new page at Health.com with AJ’s progress and this is what AJ has to say:

“I’m so grateful because The Feel Great Weight program really helped me get my body back. I feel strong—and I love the way I look now.

I got back into my favorite little black dress! I’m excited I’ve had such great success, and I know I can do this on my own now. I’ve been reprogrammed—not only my body but also my mind.”

I’ve also added a few more photos of AJ attending the CBS press tour to the gallery. Go check those out!

  1. pete says:

    Type your comment here. letting her go was just another example of an over-paid corp. “empty suit” making a decision not worthy of a chimpanzee. i hope she comes back, but if she doesn’t, she should be able to write her own ticket anywhere–she’s a great talent!!!!!

  2. Snowy Dreamer says:

    You’re not alone Blair as I’m not even trying to hide how much I hate the idea of AJ returning to CM over at the forum. Blair pretty much summed it up and I’m going to finish this comment off with what she said.

    PLEASE don’t go back to Criminal Minds, AJ.

  3. Blair says:

    I will be the unpopular one.

    I actually am wishing AJ Cook does NOT go back to Criminal Minds. I personally think the show has reached its end (I dont like the quality of the writing and cast shakeups are just no bueno), and I dont want her going back so she could save its sinking ship. It’s obvious that those producers are begging her to come back so they can get their full popularity again, and if I were AJ, I’d refuse.

    She was treated like crap and fired nearly a year ago. Why go back to such an unappreciative show? There is no finanical stability (as the other actors have made perfectly clear), and her character was never fully utilized to its full potential. JJ was an awesome character, but very serious and nonversatile.

    Which brings me to my next point. I think AJ can move on to BIGGER and BETTER roles. I’d like to see her in more versatile roles, like how her characters were on “Law and Order:SVU” and “Bringing Ashley Home”. I’m sure she has been offered some tv spots or even movie roles.. It’s kindof hard to believe that she wouldn’t.

    PLEASE don’t go back to Criminal Minds, AJ.

    Adding my two cents. :)

  4. Judy Glass says:

    Type your comment here.

    Please come back JJ. I want to quit watching Criminal Minds, since you and Prentis left. New girl is a bad choice for CM, not a good actress. We really miss you.

  5. Pam says:

    Yes. this is Great News. I’ve really missed AJ on Criminal Minds.

  6. Olga says:

    Oh God!! You made my week with that notice!! I hope it’s true!!
    I want JJ back, but I also want Prentiss back!! They’re my favorite ones.

  7. E.J. Jahnes says:

    Type your comment here.Fantastic news – Hopefully is a welcome home A.J.

  8. E.J. Jahnes says:

    Type your comment here.Fantastic A.J. -You and Jennifer did a great job !!!!

  9. Olga says:

    I hope the same!! I want JJ and Prentiss back :(

  10. E.J. Jahnes says:

    Type your comment here. Great episode last night. It was Fantastic to see A.J. back on for this episode-( she looked beutiful as always). They left it open for both of them to come back to the show-I hope we see more of JJ and Paget. Love you A.J and Paget.
    E.J. Jahnes

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